Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey everyone this is my first post. I recently had some of my art work posted on a few blogs that my friends run; Strictly Average and Master Manipulator (Every Store Needs One).

Here is the one from those blogs.

Is it stealing content if it's my work?
I don't think so.

My background is in cartooning and comic book art: my high school major, I also have a degree in art as well. Let me tell you that was the best 50k I have ever spent.

Here are some other drawings I have done.

My son really likes the Alice in Wonderland stories so I thought it would be cool to make some art work for his bedroom.

The Mad Hatter

These guys were always my favorite part of the Disney movie. They had my imagination going a million miles per minute.

The March Hare

The Cheshire Cat is one of the coolest characters from the new Tim Burton version of the story. And I swear this drawing was done before I saw images from the movie

The Caterpillar is one of the more bazaar creatures in the story so I had to make him as creepy are possible. I hate bugs, so naturally I made him as bug like as possible.

Another friend saw these drawings and asked me to design a tattoo for her; like me she is also Burton fan.

There is just a little of what I have been doing. I've also been asked to illustrate a comic book for another friend. The story is being laid out right now so I will post some sketches for that later. I paint miniatures too and I will get some pics of those up soon.

Thanks for reading,